Is it safe here?

The list time we spoke I was telling you about my young visitor who was full of murderous rage at the universe. (He did have a point! We dragons know a lot about Rage. And murderous thoughts and feelings. We know all about our shadow side. It lurks just behind the scenes waiting for an opportunity to breathe a fiery revenge. So I had much sympathy for this young man. But this is his story, not mine.)

He stayed with me about a month, mostly railing, shouting and crying. Cursing everyone and everything for his fate.  Threatening to kill everyone and everything. He desperately wanted me to fly him into the town and watch me burn all his enemies, their families, their lands.  It was tempting,I admit. I caught his rage for a long time and had to make myself sit and hear him. (Flying off on a revenge attack would have been so satisfying. But that would have been a betrayal of my dragon vows. And would have brought more sadness, misery and anger.)

So we sat together. Thought a lot. Spoke some. Did little. Eventually my friend, which he has become, sighed. “Killing people won’t help, will it?”

“Probably not” I agreed. “But it would let me feel better. ” He shouted ” Let me feel that I had done Something. Something to rebalance things. I’ve suffered. Why shouldn’t ‘they’?”

The problem is, of course, who are “they”? The merchant and his family didn’t set out to hurt anyone.  His father didn’t set out to kill the livestock. His sister didn’t set out to sell herself. He didn’t really want to become a murderer. He left one day, with a promise to come back. I waited a long time but he came. Bringing a wife and children to see me. His sister was home living with them. She was an excellent child minder. She was damaged by her experiences but was slowly healing. He had restored the farm which was prospering. He hoped to pass it on to his children. He had one request, he said.

“Yes?”  I asked

“Could my sister stay here?”

“What does she want?’ I asked, Curious.

“I need somewhere safe. Here is a safe place.” came her reply.

(How times have changed. A young woman asking to stay with a dragon!)

I agreed. And here we are. A year and a day and she is slowly healing. The day will come when she goes away and finds a proper companion. I shall miss her. But she must go if she is to be whole. And I must let her go if I am to be whole.

Image result for small dragonsWe learned much that year. My friends and me. We learned how to share. How to listen. How to trust. How to be vulnerable. Lessons that are easy to talk about but hard to learn. We learned about our shadow side. How easily we want to hurt when we feel hurt. And about how dangerous this can be. To ourselves and to others. A good year that year. Full of life and hope.


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