Away from Home

It’s been a long time since I last wrote – or asked my scribe, Dragon Rider, to set down my thoughts.(We dragons are good at many things but holding a pen is not one of them. One more reason to be grateful to my new companion and scribe, Dragon Rider. How he came to be with me is a long story. One for a long winter’s night. It has been strange having a companion and fellow traveller. We took a long time to get used to each other. But we now like and trust each other, which is odd considering how different we are. Two quite separate creatures yet we share each others lives. I think my human visitors find him reassuring. “If he is safe with the Dragon, then we might also be safe” is their thought. Although , in truth, I have never yet eaten a human being  I have wanted to once or twice, when they have provoked me too far. But that was only in my anger. (Which is not to say that I haven’t singed a few of them with my breath. One does have to live up to people’s expectations! A tame dragon would never do.

S o I have been away for a long time. Rescuing Maidens in distress. Laying siege to castles. Challenging kings and Princes to battles. All the things a dragon is expected to do. But i’ve miss being quietly in my cave, listening to my visitors . They teach me so much.(And Dragon Rider has been of great help here. Explaining human ways. Pointing out the gaps in my knowledge.

Being away from my home has been helpful. It has meant I have had to think about “Home”. ~About all the things I take for granted and like to have around me. My gold and other treasure. My fellow dragons and their offspring. All the noise of a dragons den. But mostly the space. We are not small creatures and we like to have room to spread our wings and stretch our tails. These comforts are often lacking when one is hiding in a forest. Or imprisoned somewhere uncomfortable. Or just trying not to be in the way!

Several of my visitors recently have talked to me about their homes. Homes where there was not love. Only anger, despair and misery. (Why do humans have children when they can barely care for themselves, let alone look after children? We dragons mate only after a long time and when we are sure of ourselves. Then we will get offspring. No dragon has ever, willingly, given up a cub. Nor willingly hurt or neglected one. Yet I hear of mothers having affairs whilst their husband is away. Of fathers seeking out women whilst they are away. Of children seeing mother or father mating with someone else. Of children being assaulted by “mummy’s new friend”. (And humans call us dragons “dangerous monsters”. No dragon would be allowed to behave as some humans do to their children.

One of your poets wrote “Home is where one starts from…” I often wonder about what kind of start some of my visitors had from their homes. How does one manage with a father who drinks too much,who hits his wife and children. Who will crush their spirits because he is so insecure himself. What building can possibly stand for long when sat on such a foundation? Small wonder so many of my visitors are plagued with Melancholia.

I can only listen to my visitors. I try to convey a sense of welcome. To allow them to come and speak freely and openly. To cry. To be angry. To shout. To whisper. I sit quietly and help them find a new meaning for that word “Home”


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