Fighting dragons

It’s been a long week. Even by dragonish time, its felt like hard work. There seem to have been lots of demands on my time. Maidens to be rescued from castles. Knights to be fought. Dragonets to be taught. Dragon lore to be brushed up on. It’s always a challenge fighting a knight. They are so keen to prove how powerful they are. (Not to mention the market value of dragon’s teeth these days!)  I have no wish to kill them. Nor do I want to humiliate them by disarming them with a swipe of my tail or one fiery breath. That really is unsporting! But nor can I roll over and cry “I submit, Sir Knight.” because they feel cheated. (I really can’t win!) So I have to fight the knight. Avoid getting damaged. Make sure I don’t damage him by accident. Allow him to feel important because he has vanquished me. (I’ve lost track of how many of these ‘selfies’ knights have taken standing over me. I should charge them. Being a dragon isn’t easy these days!) Eventually some of these knights come back and talk with me. About how scared they were to face me. About how they had to take on the biggest creature they could find in order to show everyone how strong they are. (And, mostly, to tell themselves how powerful they are.) Then they get to take off their armour and sit comfortably. We talk about all the other battles they fight. With their children. Their husbands and wives or significant other! Their work. Their parents. All wrapped up in their fight with me. They tell me they are relieved that they haven’t killed me. How pleased they are to be able to talk about the experience of fighting me.Their gratitude that I survived their attack- although there is still that little bit of them that wishes they had managed to kill me off. To prove to everyone that I am not invincible. I sometimes ask a few questions Why they became a knight. Who decided that fighting dragons was a knightly activity. Mostly I sit and listen. Which is surprisingly tiring at times. Rescuing maidens is far more enjoyable…


One thought on “Fighting dragons

  1. …your blogpost sounds like you’ve been playing the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game…There are a lot of mental health nurses who play or write RPG…


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