Abandon hope?

One of the advantages of dragon life is that one learns that “this too shall pass”.  When one lives so long, one learns to be phlegmatic. Am I happy? “This, too, shall pass.” Am I miserable ? “This, too, shall pass.  Am I rich? “This, too, shall pass”. I live in hope.These thoughts come from a conversation this week which was, essentially, about Hope .Someone came to see me and talked of how much effort they have put in over the years to keeping nihilism at bay. Were they to climb a mountain it would not count unless they had climbed  Everest. Barefoot. Without oxygen. In a record beating time. And so on. It was not competitiveness per se. They did not want to be the best out of conceit or one-upmanship. They need to push themselves to their limit because anything  less feels like failure. Thinking about this conversation I began to see that what was missing was Hope. Hope that they were loved for who they are. Not what they achieve. Hope that it was acceptable to simply go for a walk in the countryside and not climb Everest every time. (We are, as so often, back to Winnicott’s “good enough’.)

One of the meanings of Hope is that it is a piece of enclosed land e.g. in the midst of fens or marshes. Or a small enclosed valley especially the upland part of a mountain valley. This gives a picture of somewhere to rest, take refreshment. And to use this time to carry on with the rest of the journey. It is this experience that people find in seeing me. They can take their rest for a while. Gather their strength. Spend time with hope. Or in hope. Or so I hope…dragons-eye


2 thoughts on “Abandon hope?

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    • Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to send a reply. I appreciate it. Otherwise one is simply posing to the ether- or so it feels.The blog ended with a question mark. The point was to ask the question about whether it was worth risking hope- which is always a leap of faith.



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