On dragonish hearing

If I’m interested in the ways in which my patients come in and leave, I’m also intrigued by how they use the space .The great majority of them fill the room with noise. After they have been with me for a while, some can sit quietly and Be. With me. And themselves. This takes a surprisingly long time. (It is easier for me. It’s my space and my task to listen.) But so many people come in and talk incessantly. They fill the room with sound. (I suspect they fear that I’ll consume them if I’m not permanently distracted. In truth I’m more likely to consume them as a way of insisting they be silent for a short time!) The other distracting element that so many people bring into my room are their dog packs .These come in all shapes and sizes. Little yappy ones. Big menacing ones. Pedigrees.Mongrels. Their purpose is to ensure that nobody gets near their owner. (Occasionally a patent realises they behave a pack of dogs surrounding them. All too often they look bemused when I point them out.) One of their tasks is to make it very hard for their owner to listen. The dogs create a hullaballoo which drowns out any silence. (I am occasionally tempted to send a gout of fire at them. Simply for the sake of peace and quiet.) After a time some of my patients trust me enough to leave their dogs outside. Which is sensible. The dogs can relax and chat amongst themselves .We can have 50 minutes together in which to think. And listen.And hear. The dogs can always be collected afterwards. If absolutely necessary…



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