Dragon lands

This is the first of a regularish blog about my work. I occupy two different professional worlds. On the one hand I am a psychiatric nurse. I give medication, attend ward rounds,  talk to my patients. Work in an MDT that includes Occupational Therapists, Managers, Social workers and doctors. We think about things primarily in a medical way. What drug might best help this patient? From time to time we will think about their psychological world.  But we do not look for causes here-or very rarely.

My other world is that of counselling. I am a psychodynamic counsellor.  A sort of “Freud lite”! Which means that I don’t use medication with my patents. Nor do I work in a team. It is just me and my patient once a week for 50 minutes. I listen to what they say- and what they don’t say! I listen to their dreams and try and reach an understanding of what the dream might mean.

Thus I occupy two very different worlds. I inhabit a borderland. Sometimes that’s exciting. Sometimes it’s lonely. It’s rarely boring! This blog is going to be about stories from those borderlands.


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